Maya Cinemas is days away from opening near Fresno State

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- We're just days away from the opening of the newest theater in the Valley. Maya Cinemas, near Fresno State, is set to open Friday.

The sounds are incredible inside one of Maya Cinemas newest theaters. Speakers line the ceilings with the latest Atmos sound technology.

Larry Porricelli said, "If the people move in film, the sound moves and it moves in a way that immerses you. You're like wow! This is a great feeling."

Porricelli is Maya Cinemas Vice President. He says the cinema has two Dolby Atmos theaters, the only of its kind in Central Valley. Action News got a look inside the cinema.

Crews have been working around clock to put the finish touching on the building. The lobby is ready for patrons and of course the popcorn and soda machines are in place.

"Oh it's fantastic," said Porricelli. "You can't wait to open the doors to a theater, because people come in and they're always happy."

There are 16 theaters in the cinema with stadium seating, some even allow for private sitting areas. One of the other features is the MPX theatre, which seats 400 people and comes with a 2,000 square foot screen.

Porricelli explained, "When you see something on such a big screen, you're more drawn into the movie. You actually feel you're a part of the movie because it's so large."

Outside of the cinema, progress is coming along at Campus Pointe. The project near Fresno State features several restaurants and shops. Construction on Mad Duck and Wahoo's restaurants should be completed in the coming weeks.

Officials hope Maya Cinemas will be open Memorial Day weekend and movies will be playing throughout the theater.

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