Fresno Pacific University returns to in-person learning Monday

In total, about 3,000 students will be back on all five FPU campuses.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Pacific University will welcome students and staff back to campus on Monday after almost two-and-a-half weeks of online learning.

800 undergraduate students will return to in-person learning at the main campus in southeast Fresno.

"I think being able to move away from that virtual learning and stick to more in-person learning will be great for our students," said upperclassman Emily Munoz, a resident assistant.

"I think our students are really excited," said Dale Scully, vice president for campus life. "I think faculty and staff are anticipating reuniting with students once again."

In total, about 3,000 students will be back on all five FPU campuses.

This means the university will have several precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID, such as self-screening before getting on-campus.

"Whether you're a student or an employee, making sure you don't have symptoms and if you do, stay home," Scully said.

Employees are being asked to notify their supervisors, if they have any symptoms. Students can call Campus Life.

From there, the next steps are given about testing, isolation and contact tracing.

Some other precautions include wearing masks inside, and outside if social distancing isn't possible.
Residential students and student-athletes must be vaccinated, unless they have a medical or religious exemption.

There are also rules for students living at the dorms.

"If you live on campus and you don't live in a specific building, you also can't enter," explained Munoz. "So only if your key opens that door, you can be in there."

According to university officials, it is possible the university could switch back to online learning. However, there are a lot of factors they have to consider, which they talk about during weekly meetings with the county health department.

"Dr. Zweifler is always giving us really good information about how to make these decisions and how to think about next steps," said Scully.

For now, university officials believe health trends are going in the right direction to continue with face-to-face instruction.

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