14 restaurants gear up to show their creativity as Fresno Restaurant Week kicks off

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Pans are sizzling at Max's Bistro and Bar as the staff prepares for the start of Fresno Restaurant Week.

McKinzie Bridges, Max's executive chef, says she's thankful they get to show off their seasonal flavors and creativity.

She says they're going to add some of their favorites on the menu - 'coffee short ribs with our blue corn grits and the petite carrots.'

"Three options for the course meal is something that lets us play creatively, and introduce some things that we've been tempted to run or specials we've been really excited about," she adds.

Max's is just one of the many participating eateries during restaurant week.

"There will be 14 different restaurants participating, 18 locations. So it ranges from everything from Max's to a new Peruvian restaurant that's coming in. Sequoia Brewing is also part of it, Riley's, Elbow Room. So really a good set of diverse restaurants," says Amy Fuentes, Fresno Chamber of Commerce C.O.O.

Fuentes points out that restaurants have been through a challenging time, from pandemic shutdowns to staffing struggles.

They continue to follow protocols to help customers have a safe dining experience.

The owners and staff are thankful for the loyal diners who have helped them through these difficult times.

"That stream of people that cared about Max's and supported us, never wavered. We're just so happy we keep getting to cook for people and present a dining experience similar to what we did pre-pandemic," Bridges says.

It's been two years since the last Restaurant Week was held and the restaurants are ready to serve up memorable meals as they celebrate this moment.

For a full list of participating restaurants and specials, click here.

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