Speed limit changes coming to Fresno streets near you

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some Fresno drivers may have to pump the brakes as the city has introduced new speed limit changes and additions to more than 40 stretches of roadway.

Fresno City Council passed the changes Thursday as part of an update to a city speed zone ordinance.

Some are roads that didn't have posted speed limits and others are areas with speed limits reduced 5 to 15 miles per hour.

Jesse Perez moved to his Parkway Drive home two years ago and says cars practically fly by it.

"I've clocked them here. I've called the police during the day, with school kids, at 70-80 miles an hour," Perez said. "One time, I thought they were going through my living room."

Perez lives on one of 45 stretches of road that could see a new or reduced speed limit sign.

Fresno Police Sgt. Mark Keeney says speed alone can determine whether a person is injured in a crash.

"Anybody that's out on the roadways, driving, may have to perceive and react to hazards and the faster you go, the harder that becomes," he added. "We want to try and slow people down and get people to those posted speed limits or below."

The updates come as part of a speed zone ordinance adopted by the council in 1965. In it, they identify streets that should have special speed zones.

"We do traffic engineering surveys on those road segments to determine if the posted speeds are what the traveling public is driving, or if we need to make changes," said City Traffic Operations and Planning Manager Jill Gormley.

Since 2005, it's been updated 11 times.

"It's based on our surveys and based on our traffic data and that's how they become enforceable," Gormley said.

Any changes made, take development, increased traffic, annexations, and new streets into consideration.

Action News created a map showing you where the newest speed limit changes and additions are located.

Orange marks indicate roadways where speed limits were not posted, and red marks indicate where reductions have been made to existing speed limits.

(Click or tap here to see a larger version of this map)
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