Fresno teen wins national science award

A young Fresno scientist is being recognized nationally for her work.

Eighth-grader Pauline Estrada hasn't wasted any time during quarantine.

"I created the infra rover, which is a rover with a camera system attached to it," explained Estrada.

The Granite Ridge Intermediate student created the rover to show if a plant is getting enough water, which promises to provide local farmers with a valuable tool.

"We are really known for our agriculture, so seeing the impact the drought had inspired me to create a project on this problem," added Estrada.

Estrada took her project national, competing virtually at the Broadcom Masters, an annual event recognizing the top science and engineering middle school students from across the US.

"It was kind of weird in the beginning because you were sitting in a room alone and it kind of felt like you were talking to yourself sometimes or just talking to a computer," said Estrada of the virtual competition, "but once I got used to it, it was really fun."

Estrada took home top honors, winning second place in the technology division.

"She along with other peers are using technology to solve problems," said President of the Broadcom Foundation Paula Golden. "This is a step forward in programs like ours where kids understand the integration of technology and science."

Estrada has already set her sights on competing at the Broadcom Masters next year and plans to pursue a career in the stem field.
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