County officials unveil colorful new artwork on Fulton Street

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The newest additions to Fulton Street are colorful and eye-catching.

The artwork of Gordon Huether are the first pieces to be introduced to Fulton since 1964.

"Well you know as an artist you always want to be there first so here I am. I'm just very excited for the community that we can bring some life and color and vibrancy to the downtown," said Huether.

The steel pieces capture the beat of Fulton Street. They also pay tribute to valley agriculture.

In Spanish, the word butterfly translates into Mariposa. These new benches are located at Mariposa and Fulton.

"His vision adds to the beauty of the newly renovated Fulton Street, honors the cultural diversity of this community and brings value and pride to downtown Fresno," said Fresno Mayor Lee Brand.

The city hopes this spot develops into a performing arts area. Visitors found the new spaces social media worthy.

"People interact with it. They want to be photographed with it It's just the kind of art that draws you to it," said Fresno Arts Council Executive Director Lilia Chavez.
A national endowment for the arts grant paid for the project.

Huether has designed large pieces around the globe and was looking for a way to connect with downtown.

"Just thinking about the local community and what they're about and Acero Picado came to mind," said Huether.

Huether says it is a Mexican craft based on cutting patterns into colorful pieces of paper.

"We hope that this is the beginning of a love affair with art and we are going to continue to bring more pieces to Fulton, to downtown Fresno," said Councilmember Oliver Baines.

The art community sees the pieces as the latest example of downtown Fresno's rebirth.

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