Workout Wednesday: Improving your balance and strength from home

Maintain your independence as you age by improving your balance and strength.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shares a few exercises you can do right from the comfort of your own home.

Rhonda says when you are working on improving your balance so that you can prevent falls, you want to be safe about it.

She says if you had a stroke or major incident with your body, your balance could be weak.

Rhonda says she likes to use balance bars when she's trying to push her level of stability.

She says to use a safe motion that makes you feel comfortable.

Rhonda says the first exercise you should attempt is a high knee step.

She says bring your knee as high up as you can and when you land, make your foot go heel to toe. Stretch over the cones.

The next exercise is walking backward with your foot coming down toe to heal.

The last exercise is a squat using a Bosu ball. This exercise is a balance builder and a hip strengthener.
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