Hearing from family members of a Hanford man who was murdered

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Authorities say it was his property manager who called 911 after having a suspicious conversation with one of the suspects who told her Coyle was injured and recovering in a hospital in Stanislaus County.

Officials say that same suspect later took off in the victim's truck with items from his house.

Sitting on the far right end of the couch with his three siblings by his side is 68-year-old Kenneth Coyle.

Hanford Police believe he was murdered on Thursday and burned in a rural area in Madera County.

They say he was taken from his home near Tenth Avenue and East Grangeville Boulevard by two suspects, 38-year-old Stacie Mendoza and 36-year-old Jose Mendoza.

Authorities say both confessed to the crime and led investigators to Coyle's remains as well.

We spoke with Coyle's sister in New York via Skype.

She says she was eating at a restaurant when she learned of the news.

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"You know when on TV when you see somebody get hurt and you see that people fall to the floor and I've never understood that before but I understand it. Now because I just fell to the floor I couldn't believe. I just couldn't believe," said Coyle's sister.

Police say an extensive investigation led them to the two suspects who were taken into custody near LAX.

According to officials, Jose had Coyle's belongings with him and a ticket to El Salvador.

Coyle's niece who lives in Arizona does not know why anyone would harm him.

"I fell apart I couldn't believe somebody would do that to him my uncle would give you the last dime he had he was so friendly to people," said Coyle's niece, Judy Hood.
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