Camp Fire: Death toll could rise above 100, Cal Fire official says

PARADISE, Calif. -- Fire officials say the death toll in the Camp Fire could climb above 100 in Butte County.

"There are potentially over a hundred people that were killed in Butte potentially. Already 48 that we know of," Cal Fire Strategic Planning Chief Thom Porter said during a press conference Tuesday.

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"The town of Paradise in Butte County has experienced the worst fire for death toll and loss of structures and businesses homes everything of any other fire in California history. I stood in front of some of you and others here on stage on Sunday night and said that it was the second most deadly. It is by far the most deadly single fire in California history. And it's going to get worse unfortunately," Porter said.

Porter praised the community for evacuating so fast.

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"I have never seen this many people move out of a community that had no way to go except for north I guess west and east. You couldn't go south unless you're swimming. It's amazing that this evacuation saved all of your lives and so many more."

More than 1,000 people were at shelters set up for evacuees.

The fire has consumed 130,000 acres.

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