Imagine A Book Day aims to get Valley students excited about reading

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students had the chance to become first-time authors on Saturday morning at the very first Imagine A Book Day in Clovis.

With five kids of their own, Daniel and Judy Velasquez know firsthand how hard it can be to get kids reading at a young age.

"I understood the struggle and I was thinking - how many other parents were struggling to get their kids to read?" said Judy.

Saturday's Imagine A Book Day was devoted to giving students the tools they need to be authors of their own stories.

"We felt like there's a lot of devices, there's a lot of social media, this is a great time to get kids excited about reading," added Daniel Velasquez. "We thought the best way to get them excited is if they contribute themselves and create a book."

Dozens of families showed up to Clovis High School, where students were whisked away into a world of their own.

"Every child comes in and goes through a process of writing their own book," explained the Velasquezes. "They start to create and make characters and setting and we also bring characters to life by making puppets ."

Students also had the chance to meet a real published author and even sign up for their own library card.

For details on future Imagine A Book Day and to hear how you can get your students involved, visit their Facebook page.

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