5-year-old writes cards to cheer up 200 nursing home residents

"In my kindergarten class I was taught about being generous," said Aryana Chopra

That's five-year-old Aryana Chopra from Binghamton, New York sharing what she's learned about helping others.

Aryana got an idea for making cards for the people in the nursing home who cannot go out and meet their friends because of the coronavirus

The kindergartener told her mom she wanted to make cards to cheer people up living in nursing homes, during this difficult time.

"I want to make cards for the people in the nursing home so they won't be alone," said Aryana

Aryana's mom picked up the phone to call Willow Point, a nearby nursing home with 200 residents.

Ariana's mom asked her if she was sure she can make 200 cards. Aryana replied, "Yes, Mommy definitely. I want to make 200 cards!"

So Aryana with the help from from her mom got to work creating handmade cards for the new year. It would take her nearly two weeks. Each card carefully brightened with snowmen, rainbows, and balloons.

But that wasn't all.

Aryana said, "Mommy I want to do one more thing. I want to break this piggy bank and give some gifts to the nursing home residents".

Aryana spent her piggy bank savings on gifts to go with those two hundred cards. It brought smiles and even moved some to tears.

Aryana's mom said It was really a heart touching moment for her.