Death Penalty Sought in Exeter Officer's Death

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Tulare County District Attorney's office announced Wednesday it is seeking the death penalty for Erika Sandoval, accused of shooting and killing her ex-husband, Daniel Green, an Exeter Police Officer.

"It was an egregious murder, it was very vicious in the manner it was carried out," said District Attorney Tim Ward.

Ward says this was not an easy decision to make. A group of attorneys in their office look through the evidence and take input from both the defense attorney and victim's family. Sandoval's attorney, Dan Chambers, says they were prepared for the decision.

"It doesn't really change what we're doing, doesn't change our defense strategy," Chambers said.

Both sides say this will slow the process down but they'll be ready to go to trial in spring of next year.

Sandoval was charged with murder in February after her ex-husband, Daniel Green, was found shot and killed in his Goshen home. A preliminary hearing in August revealed evidence against Sandoval. Ward says Sandoval went to the home and waited for Green to come home. That's why she's charged with a special circumstance of "lying in wait." It's that charges that makes this case eligible for the death penalty.

Sandoval and Green have a son together. That son is now in the care of Green's family.

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