Families in NE Fresno apartment going on no water for fifth day

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Northeast Fresno apartment complex is going on its fifth day without water. Tenants at The Springs have not been able to shower, cook, or flush their toilets. The families are furious with management and their lack of a response.

"They didn't want to pay to have to have them out here on Thanksgiving. And that's when my straw broke," said Lisa Mathis.

Water has been off for parts of the complex near First and Nees since Tuesday when a water main ruptured. The repairs were supposed to take just a few hours. Flash forward to Friday and families are fed up.

"It's stupid. It's ridiculous. It's very frustrating," said Michelle Borchansky.

"Five days? It's really crazy to be paying rent here and go without water, that's why we pay our PG&E bills," said Katherine Kirsch.

Management posted letters Friday, blaming the delays on new breaks in the line. Tenants tell us these service disruptions are a common occurrence.

"I think management should have either stayed on top of the pipes that were having issues or at least given everyone here a better explanation to what was going on, not just notes," said Kirsch.

When ABC30 went to the main office, the property manager politely declined to speak to us. We tried reaching out to the corporate office, but they never answered.

"You need to reach out and say 'What can we do to help you?' All they are saying is, 'Oh we are sorry.' Well, I'm sorry too that I'm living here right now," said Mathis.

Late Friday evening, some of the tenants finally started receiving phone calls offering amenities like compensated hotel rooms and a place to shower. But families are wondering where the concern was on Thanksgiving before they started making a fuss.

Families say the property manager still has not been able to give them a timeline of when water will come back on.
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