Rough Fire forces new mandatory evacuation orders for Dunlap residents

Saturday, September 12, 2015
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Mandatory evacuations have been issued as efforts to put out the Rough Fire continue in eastern Fresno County.

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Mandatory evacuations have been issued as efforts to put out the Rough Fire continue in eastern Fresno County. The wildfire has grown to more than 117,000 acres and is 29 percent contained.

The firefighting effort is growing as well. More than 2,200 personnel are battling the flames.

As the smoky fire spreads, many residents of the mountain communities are on their way out. A mandatory evacuation order is in place, and while the flames are still miles away from homes, the smoke is heavy.

"Scary, it's hard to breathe. We've been here three days already, and it's hard to breathe," said Manny Gonzalez of Dunlap.

The evacuation order includes the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Monastery. A small staff, however, remains in place. An evacuation center has been set up in Sanger for those who need it, and it will also accommodate their pets.

"We basically take care of their pets so they can take care of themselves while they are being evacuated," said Mary Reimer of the Central California Animal Disaster Team.

While many residents are leaving, more firefighters are arriving; nearly 2,200 are now fighting the Rough Fire, and their job is not getting any easier.

"Once again, we are having a really hot day, relatively low relative humidity. That combined with the terrain is just pushing this fire at a pretty rapid spread," said Paul Garnier of the Fresno Fire Department.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office says most people in the affected areas are complying with the mandatory evacuation order. The order doesn't mean everybody has to leave. Able-bodied adults can stay, but children or anybody with a disability must be removed from the area.

Rough Fire Information

Size: 117,034 Acres

Containment: 29 percent

Total Personnel: 2,229

The Rough Fire has grown to 117,034 acres and is currently the largest active fire in California. There are 2,229 personnel currently assigned to the Rough Fire. Containment remains 29%. Rough Fire Information: (559) 332-2028, (559) 549-4837or (559) 842-6248.

Air Quality Today: Heavy concentrations of smoke are expected near the fire, and to the west in the foothills today. Smoke will be slow to lift and transport will be primarily terrain and diurnally driven. Limited ventilation is forecast for today with continued increased impacts expected in the San Joaquin Valley west, southwest, and north of fire. Residual smoke that has not cleared the area will add to impacts from new smoke being produced. Unhealthy to Hazardous conditions are expected in communities near the fire. Improving conditions for the Owens Valley.

Air Quality Tomorrow: Lower elevations impacts are intensified by poor ventilation west of the incident.

Mandatory Evacuation Orders

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office and fire officials would like to clarify the guidelines of the current evacuation situation.

Residents who have a Dunlap, Miramonte, or Pinehurst zip code must understand they are considered to be in either a mandatory evacuation area or an evacuation warning area.

Mandatory Evacuation Areas

- All properties on the north and south sides of Highway 180 east of the Highway 180/Dunlap Road junction.

- All properties adjacent to the north side of Dunlap Road from the Highway 180/Dunlap Road junction to the Dunlap Road/Millwood Road Junction.

- All properties on both sides of Millwood Road.

- All properties on both sides of Todd Eymann Road from Millwood Road to Highway 245.

- All properties on both sides of Highway 245 from Todd Eymann Road to Highway 180.

Evacuation Warning Areas

- All properties on the south side of Dunlap Road from the Highway 180/Dunlap Road junction east to the Dunlap Road/Millwood Road junction

- All properties on both sides of Dunlap Road from the Dunlap Road/Millwood Road junction east to the Dunlap Road/Highway 245 junction.

- All properties on both sides of Brookside Road. Evacuation Areas Impacted by Rough Fire

Definitions of Fire Terms

An evacuation warning is defined as an alert to community members in an area of a potential threat to life and property from an emergency incident. An evacuation warning may be issued when the potential or actual threat to civilian life is more than 2 hours away. When a warning is issued, residents are being warned to prepare to leave their home. The Sheriff's Office tries to issue the advisory as early as possible based upon the fire's activity so residents will have time to remove their pets, livestock, large boats, RV's and any other personal effects in an orderly, unrushed manner. However, because a wildfire can be unpredictable, the time frame between an advisory and a mandatory evacuation can change quickly. You must be prepared to go at any time.

A mandatory evacuation is declared when a wildfire directly threatens a community and residents are placed in danger. You must leave the area for you and your family's safety. Once you leave, you will not be allowed to return to your property until the mandatory evacuation is lifted.


Sanger Community Center - 730 Recreation Ave. Sanger, CA

Evacuation Map - Evacuations are along the blue line. Authorities are starting at Millwood Road and moving east.

The Central CA Animal Disaster Team Activates Emergency Animal Shelter in Sanger, CA For Household Pets Affected By Rough Fire

The Central California Animal Disaster Team has been deployed by the Fresno County Office Of Emergency Services to assist with displaced small and large animals due to the Rough Fire.

Small animal evacuation shelter will be open for pets of families under mandatory evacuation orders: CCADT has activated an emergency animal shelter for household pets at the same location where Red Cross has activated a human shelter - Sanger Community Center - 730 Recreation Ave. Sanger, CA. The shelter will be open on Friday, September 11th for residents under MANDATORY evacuation orders.

Large animal assistance. CCADT is coordinating efforts with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office to evacuate large animals. If you need assistance with evacuation and sheltering for large animals (livestock, horses, etc.), please contact the Central CA Animal Disaster Team at 559-433-WOOF (9663).

Updates on changes available on the CCADT.ORG website or our Facebook page:

Donations are needed: General monetary donations are GREATLY needed at this point. In kind donations cannot be taken because the shelter needs to remain mobile. To donate please visit:

Please work with emergency responders and follow all guidelines. It is important to follow the evacuation guidelines with your pets. Safety is the number one priority for everyone. Please visit our website for help with evacuating with your pet and for items that should be kept in your pet's go bag.

Rough Fire Progression Map

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