Clovis aims to build unique pedestrian bridge over Highway 168

The City of Clovis recently secured a grant to design a new pedestrian bridge over Highway 168, and they hope it'll also serve as a new point of city pride.

This would not be a simple concrete bridge. Instead, the city is planning to build a bridge that would carry the Enterprise Canal Trail over Highway 16 - and make a bold statement.

"We think that somebody driving through the city and going under a beautiful bridge would begin to understand what the City of Clovis and metropolitan area is about," said Dwight Kroll, director of planning and development with the city.

The city recently secured a grant to fund the design process. Two renderings of potential designs can be seen below.

Courtesy: City of Clovis

Courtesy: City of Clovis

The bridge would also expand the city's popular trail system (50 miles of trail have been planned) with the eventual goal of connecting to trails being built by the City of Fresno.

The bridge would also connect the community of Loma Vista with the rest of greater Clovis.

Courtesy: City of Clovis

The estimated cost is between $4 million and $8 million and the hope is to have a bridge complete by 2025. The city plans to get input from the community on cost and design, no word yet on when that would take place.

The city is seeking a transportation grant to fund construction and do not plan to use general city funds for the project.
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