This Fresno man designs and builds food trucks in his own backyard

Thursday, January 10, 2019
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Sonny Paz collaborates with local vendors and workers to create food trucks from the ground up.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sonny Paz knows a thing or two about food trucks.

"Sometimes you have a big line and people are coming and they are going to be angry if their food is not going out quick enough. And if you don't have a good layout in your kitchen, people are going to get mad," Paz says.

He knows even more about how they should be built.

He's worked in construction and metal framing since he was 18.

Now he's making them through his company Cuisintec.

"We design food trucks, we are a mobile fabrication systems, we do it from the ground up to a turn key business," he says.

Paz designs and frames them himself.

Other professionals then step in to complete the process.

"They are union electricians, union plumbers, so everyone who touches the trailers is going to have several years of experience. It's not someone I'm picking off of the streets," he says.

Their first big project is for Mike's Pizzeria Lounge.

At the moment it's only a metal frame but the owner has big plans.

"Roma's Italian Street Cuisine, so it will be the first Italian food truck in Fresno," he says.

They also do repairs and redesigns.

"We added new rims, we kind of pimped out their trailer a little bit. We added new steps," he says.

Paz is wrapping up work on taco truck El Premio Mayor's trailer.

They've won the Taco Truck Throwdown two years in a row.

Cuisintec has only been in operation for about four months, but Paz and his wife April have been around the catering scene for much longer.

They own Burgers & More and they've been flipping patties for three years now.

"We kind of collaborate with different vendors that are local to help the community out and that's all we use, we dont use anything that is not from Fresno," he says.

Paz's next goal is to build his own shop at his home where he'll operate Cuisintec out of.