Citrus growers keeping eye out on weather amid harvest season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The sporadic showers that have soaked the Valley over the past several days are music to the ears of many growers. Just ask the CEO of California Citrus Mutual, Casey Creamer.

"We've been dealing with the drought and regulatory pressures on water so to see it actually fall from the sky is fantastic," said California Citrus Mutual CEO, Casey Creamer.

Ninety percent of fresh citrus production in the country comes from the Golden State, and of that, 80% comes from the Central Valley.

During this time of year, citrus growers are busy with their harvest season and keeping an eye on weather updates is critical.

"When everybody is sitting around a fire enjoying family time around Christmas and New Year, farmers are out there watching the weather to protect the crops to bring it to your table."

Cold, foggy, and wet weather means trees can't be picked, and farmers must watch out for cold temperatures, specifically in the 20s.

"Even if it's not raining, if conditions are wet, we are not out there. Fruit needs to be dry in order to be picked, put in the bin and go through processing to keep a fresh commodity."

But while the wet weather may mean a pause in the harvest, Creamer says it's still a welcome change after relying on irrigation too often during the drought.
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