Do you know these people? Chicken Shack owner shares video of tip jar thieves

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was a busy night at the Chicken Shack last Friday when a couple walked to the counter.

Employees say it's apparent now they were swindlers who never intended to place an order.

"The guy grabbed a couple of cups. Then they come over and say, 'Would you like to order.' They say 'Aw, yeah, something'," said Damon Miller, owner of Chicken Shack.

Miller says he is furious about what happens next.

In the video, you can see the man grab two soda cups without paying in an attempt to divert the cashier.

As the employee walks away, the woman reaches into the tip jar.

"My staff did not see it, customers saw it, and some customers went after the lady, and she went off running," Miller said.

The restaurant posted the video online to warn and alert other potential thieves that they have cameras and plenty of surveillance.

The owner says he's particularly grateful for all the customers who were looking out for his workers.

"It's really discouraging; you know my team works hard here. Whatever tips they get they split it among everybody," Miller said.

Miller doesn't know exactly how much money was taken, but he has personally donated $100 out of his pocket to tip his employees.
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