Investigation continues into man shot and killed by Visalia Police

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Suspect killed in Visalia officer involved shooting
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Family members of Visalia shooting victim say he was a good guy, in the wrong place at wrong time.

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened midday in a busy area of Visalia.

Two Visalia Police officers arrived at a vacant business complex off Mooney Boulevard a little before noon on Tuesday, following up on an investigation into trespassing and burglary at the site.

"They exited their vehicles, they heard a shot being fired, so they responded appropriately to investigate the shot being fired," said Visalia Police Lt. Amy Watkins. "And it was at that time that they were met with a male subject running from the vacant business with a weapon in hand."

Police ordered him to put the weapon down, but after he didn't, at least one of the officers shot and killed him.

"There was a second individual who received a wound it's unclear if it was the initial shot being fired," Watkins said.

He was treated for non-life threatening injuries on scene. Both officers are now on paid administrative leave.

"The officers who responded to the scene walked into something that they were not expecting, maybe interrupted something if you will," Watkins said.

Some people who showed up at the scene later in the afternoon say they were family members of the shooting victim. They say he was 28-year-old Chris Deleon.

"We just lost a dad recently and now we're losing him," said Jeremy Deleon, who says he's the victim's brother. "He was just a good guy, just wrong place, wrong time I'm guessing is what that was."

The Tulare County Sheriff's Office is investigating the officer involved shooting. Meanwhile, Visalia Police are looking into the initial shot fired.