Bass Lake welcoming visitors back for the season

Bass Lake is welcoming visitors back for another season of fun.

Thousands of people head to Bass Lake to go boating and lounge by the shore.

Michelle Miller, with Miller's Landing, said she's ready for the season.

This year they've added a couple of new menu items such as fried green bean and a "Hula Bowl" and disco fries.

She added they now have Pedego Electric bikes for rent.

"It's actually really fun to have the action and we get to see people we haven't seen during the off season, which is nice. It's kind of like reuniting with all of our old friends, bringing the town back together and waking up the lake for the season," she said.

Miller noted they are looking forward to the summer months.

"We are really excited for this year. I think it's going to be a great year at the lake, it's nice and full. We had a really wet winter," she explained.

While there will be plenty of sunshine, the Madera County Sheriff's Office warns the lake is still cold.

Amy Roussell, with the Madera County Sheriff's Office, said If you plan on boating, children under 13 need to wear a life jacket but they encourage everyone to wear one.

"If something happened to the boat and you have to swim to the short 1/2 a mile away, could you make it? Most people could not in this type of weather or the current condition of the water. So wearing a vest in a boat is always a good idea," she said.

She mentioned before launching on the lake, boaters must buy a Pollution Control Permit. This permit is one that many people from out of the area don't know about.

"So we will kindly give a warning and education on how and where to get them," Roussell said.

Roussell added boat drivers 25 year old or younger will need a boating license this year. There is an exemption if you are renting a boat.

Miller's Landing has boats for rent and they do make sure to educate renters before heading out on the lake.

"This is pretty much a map of the lake and it also has all the California boating rules, but it's great because we are able to point out our designated jet ski areas and the direction of the lake, because it is a directional lake," she said.
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