What you can do to bring your landscaping back to life after the storm

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At Belmont Nursery in Fresno County, dark skies fill the air while rain continues to fall and puddle on the grounds.

"Plants love the water, they just don't want it to hang around too long," said Betsy Thornburg, Belmont Nursery Arborist.

Thornburg said rain is a great thing, but the key to keeping your plants and trees alive is good drainage.

"Potted plants that are standing in water are a problem that makes the plant have just saturated soil, no oxygen to the pot. So you need to raise them so pots can drain or put them under cover."

Thornburg advises people to use bricks or another surface to get your potted plants off the ground so it can breathe. In the future people can put their plants under covers or awnings to control how much watering their plants get.

If you lost any mulch in your yard, Thornburg said you can take steps to protect it.

"That needs some sort of barrier or border to keep that mulch in there. Not to keep the mulch so much in there that it's so high and so it floats away. That's going to depend on the drainage in their yard whether you have sandy soil or clay soil."

Thornburg said those with clay soil have more problems.

As far as grass, Thornburg said homeowners should stay off it and wait for it dry out so they don't tear up the yards. She also adds most trees are dormant during the winter season.

For now, many of these plants are enjoying the rainy days and soaking it all in after years of droughts and experts said they are excited to see what blooms this spring.
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