West Hills College Lemoore helping students plan ahead with enrollment program

LEMOORE, Calif. (KFSN) -- West Hills College Lemoore student Ashley Ratcliff-Winn never has to worry about getting into her classes.

"I've known from day one when I was going to graduate, what classes I was going to take," she said. "I've never been waitlisted, which is huge."

Thanks to the college's 365 Year-Round Enrollment program, students can enroll in their courses for the entire year starting April 1.

"I've taken advantage of that every year I've been here just because it gives me peace of mind," ashley said. "I know what class I'm taking, I'm not on a waitlist, I know my full plan."

Students can plan their courses for summer, fall and the following spring, giving them crucial time to plan their classes and work schedule in advance.

"Many of our students work a job or multiple jobs and many of them have life commitments also, so to be able to lock their schedule in for a year helps them to better coordinate," says West Hills College Lemoore President James Preston.

The college says it's all in an effort to keep students on the path to graduate.

"In uncertain times, it's really good for them to know they can reserve their spot," Preston said.

The scheduling opportunity is available at both West hills college Coalinga and Lemoore.

Registration opens April 1.
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