West Nile Virus confirmed in mosquitoes collected in Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Mosquito season is here. This means the West Nile Virus could be buzzing in your backyard.

"So this year, it's a little early," says Katherine Ramirez with the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District. "We typically see positive mosquitoes in June."

On Wednesday, the Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control District notified the Fresno County Department of Public Health of positive West Nile Virus cases collected in adult mosquitoes in Southeast Fresno.

While the Central Valley can be dry, Ramirez says any area in the Valley that has standing water can produce the potential for West Nile Virus-positive mosquitoes.

Ramirez advises folks to clean out or empty any standing water, including pools, the bottom of your plants and don't forget to cover your yard drains.

West Nile can be a very serious illness and it only takes one bite to get sick.

Because there is no medication, health officials say prevention is key.

"You want to wear light loose-fitting clothing, long sleeves, long pants," Ramirez said.

Officials say if you have exposed skin to use insect repellant, but make sure it has active ingredients like Deet, Precaritin or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus.

Leticia Berber with the county health department says if you start to experience symptoms associated with the virus, it's best to consult a doctor.

"The symptoms of West Nile Virus can be very similar to COVID and the flu," she said. "You have a high fever, you have a headache, you have a stiff neck, you have a skin rash, so these are symptoms that can confuse individuals."

You can report mosquitos in your area by reaching out to your local mosquito control district.
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