Dancing Grannies perform for the first time since Wisconsin attack

WAUKESHA, WI. (KFSN) -- The Dancing Grannies returned for their first performance since four members were killed in the Christmas parade attack in Wisconsin this past November.

The group marched in Milwaukee's Saint Patrick's Day parade Saturday.

They honored the members they lost by wearing patches with the #4 and carrying a banner with their names.

Nearly 20 "grannies in training" also joined in on the performance.

A Dancing Granny, Jean Knudson said, "Wonderful, wonderful. And I think amongst the community and all the support we have received throughout the past few months and now having all our Grannies in Training with us, everyone is just keeping us going and keeping us motivated to keep moving forward."

The grannies say it was important to perform in honor of their fallen members.

Though it may have been the coldest parade many have ever worked, at just 16 degrees, they say it was a great turnout.
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