Fresno business offers training to run a successful marijuana dispensary

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Now that the recreational use of marijuana is legal in the state of California, it is becoming a budding business. So big that some are choosing to enroll in school for it.

420 College in Fresno offers seminars and classes for people looking to capitalize on the industry. Owner George Boyadjian tells us since Prop 64 has passed business for him has tripled.

"Before we would do a seminar of about 50 people, now we're doing for about 100 to 150 people."

Boyadjian said those courses teach people the financial aspects of the business, along with how to comply with regulations which vary from state to state.

"We don't want the cops to come to our house and raid things. We don't want to go in front of a judge and have to defend ourselves. We want to avoid all those things together and that's what."

420 College is in Fresno County Supervisor Andreas Borgeas' district. He does not support the use and sale of marijuana.

Borgeas said programs like this can potentially create a state of confusion for people who do not know all of the local laws surrounding cannibis.

"Even though prop 64 passed we still have local jurisdiction and local authority over land use and if a dispensary wishes to open up a business they will have to be properly permitted."

And as of now, permits for dispensaries are not being issued.

And the owner for 420 College said starting a dispensary will likely start at the very least about $100,000.
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