New Jersey 4-year-old hailed as hero for calling 911 and saving mom

ByJim Dolan KFSN logo
Thursday, December 19, 2019
4-year-old hailed as hero for calling 911 and saving mom
Jim Dolan has the story of a young girl in New Jersey who saved her mom by calling 911.

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, New Jersey -- A 4-year-old girl in New Jersey is being praised as a hero after she had the poise to call 911 and save her mother's life.

Dispatchers in Franklin Township received the call from a home on Bartle Road shortly before 8 a.m. December 6.

They learned that the caller was 4-year-old Isla Glaser, who said that her mom had fallen down and needed help.

Dispatcher: "What is the emergency?"

Isla: "My mom fell down and she can't talk."

Dispatcher: "Your mom fell down".

Isla: "Yeah, and she can't talk."

Isla was in her home with her mother, Haley Glaser, and three younger siblings, including 1-year-old twins.

But her mom was on the kitchen floor, unconscious.

Dispatcher: "Is she sleeping?"

Isla: "No".

Dispatcher: "Did you try tapping her arm?"

Isla: "I tried."

Dispatcher: "Do you want to try again?"

Isla: "I tried again."

She was able to provide all the information needed to get help to the house quickly, police said.

When two officers arrived, they found the door was locked but they spoke to Isla through the door.

"Officer Casey recognized this and he had her pull a chair over," said Franklin Township Police Lt. Phil Rizzo. "She pulled the chair over like a champ, unlocked the door and everyone was able to make entry."

First responders came in to provide aid to her mother. When she came to, a police officer was standing over her and Haley looked around for her daughter.

"She was feeding yogurt to the twins," said Rizzo. "Isla decided that, you know what, I'm going to go take care of my siblings."

Haley Glaser is recovering at home after being treated for four days at a local hospital.

The officers and dispatchers involved visited the family's home on Wednesday to commend Isla for a job well done and present her with a badge.