Newborn Identity Information Missing

4/2/2008 Fresno, CA An envelope containing the forms used to create birth certificates apparently got ripped open in the mail while on the way to the State Department of Vital Statistics in Sacramento. A total of 290 forms were lost.

Fresno County is notifying the parents that information, like names, dates of birth and social security numbers could be compromised. "The Postal Service has been looking for them they feel it's in their system , and at this time and even though they found eleven certificates so far and they feel it's very low risk that anyone would use these certificates we feel the parents need to be notified of this," said David Luchini of the Fresno County Health Department.

The forms were from births in early February that occurred in 6 Fresno County hospitals. They are: Kaiser, Clovis Community, Community Regional Medical Center, Selma, Sierra Kings, and St. Agnes.

The health department is contacting all families and asking them to return to the hospital to re-sign all the paperwork.

They are also being made aware of ways to monitor identity theft, even though the department doesn't believe the information has fallen into the wrong hands.

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