Foot Doctor Accused of Sexual Assault Starts Trial

Fresno, CA "Let the record show that the witness was using her hand palm up motion pushing straight up," said prosecuting attorney Galen Rutiaga as he demonstrated one of his lead witnesses accounts of her visit with Dr. Matthew Sciaroni in August 2006.

In April of last year the Fresno foot doctor was arrested, accused of molesting a 15-year old patient. After Action News first reported the arrest, several other patients came forward claiming Sciaroni touched them as well.

In court Friday, one of Sciaroni's accusers said she couldn't believe it when she saw her podiatrist handcuffed and put in the back of a police car. "I heard what it was for and I was shocked," she said.

Sciaroni sat patiently while defense attorney Steve Smith questioned the witness's accounts of her August 2006 visit.

Smith: "And you say it stayed there for a couple of seconds?"
Accuser: "Two and a half seconds."
Smith: "But no grabbing or anything like that?"
Accuser: "No."

Smith also questioned why the witness didn't come forward sooner.

Smith: "And even after that incident isn't it true that you went back to and saw doctor Sciaroni again?" Accuser: "Correct."

Another woman claiming doctor Sciaroni sexually assaulted her is expected to testify when the trial resumes Monday.

He faces nine counts of sexual battery including lewd acts on minors. If convicted Sciaroni could be stripped of his medical license and face more than seven years in prison.

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