Foot Doctor Defends Himself

5/22/2008 Fresno, CA The foot doctor took the witness stand saying even though he is a podiatrist, he must deal with other parts of the body. Jurors spent most of Thursday listening to Doctor Sciaroni. He wore a hearing aide while testifying.

A middle aged female patient accused the doctor of inappropriately touching her. But the doctor said he tried to show the woman how to do a self breast exam. Sciaroni said, "She wasn't paying attention to what I was telling her … I became slightly frustrated. I turned around, I grabbed the chart and turned back to her, and said you need to be able to do a breast examination on yourself better than anybody in this client is able to do it."

In 2007, investigators arrested Sciaroni at his Fresno office. Eight people have come forward saying the doctor fondled them. One person said it happened when she was 12. Sciaroni's defense attorney asked the doctor if he ever grabbed the girl's breast. Sciaroni responded, " Absolutely not."

The doctor said at times he had to perform physicals to ensure patients could undergo surgery. Sciaroni said, "90 percent of the surgery I do is elective, so all of the bases need to be covered in order to protect the patient and protect myself."

Closing arguments are expected to begin Friday. If convicted Sciaroni could face prison time and lose his license to practice medicine.

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