Bear Attack Victim Speaks Out

Kern County, CA, USA The 56-year old mother was walking with her two dogs more than a week ago when she came upon the bear. Hansen didn't believe the bear would attack but it did. She immediately fell to the ground trying to protect herself as the bear savagely bit her.

Allena Hansen: "Then I found myself down on the ground. I heard, 'Chomp, chomp, chomp.' I felt it go through my skull. I felt it bite through this eye. I heard kind of a squishy, crunchy pop. I went, 'There goes my eye!' Then it got a hold of my face and started shaking the one thing that was most vivid to me was watching that little bugger spit my teeth out."

Hansen's two dogs distracted the bear and Hansen managed to get away. She drove herself four miles to a fire station and got help. A spokesman for Fish and Game says two bears have been killed since the attack but neither matches the description Hansen gave authorities.


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