Mexico Reported No New Deaths from the Flu

Fresno, CA Mexico reported no new deaths from the flu overnight, but its health officials say the country hardest hit by the outbreak is not out of the woods yet.

Anne Schuchat with Centers For Disease Control said, "While reports from Mexico appear to be encouraging, and some are cautiously optimistic, we can't afford to let down our vigilance."

Although the number of confirmed cases remains relatively small officials around the world are keeping close watch as the virus continues to spread.

Dr Michael Ryan, WHO Director of Global Alert and Response said, "Obviously the biggest thing we face now is the possibility of a pandemic. Good preparedness will help us mitigate its effects".

Governments are banning flights and enforcing quarantines. More than 300 people remain sealed inside a Hong Kong hotel. The Chinese government set up the quarantine after a Mexican tourist became Asia's first confirmed case of the swine flu strain.

Here at home the Obama Administration pledged to fight the outbreak with all available means. President Obama said, "Because we have it within our power to limit the potential damage of this virus, we have a solemn and urgent responsibility to take the necessary steps."

Cases have now been reported in at least 27 States. Many local events have been canceled, or modified, especially school functions. At the University of South Florida the school President always shakes the hand of each graduate. The tradition was dropped this year out caution.

Pennsylvania's Slippery Rock University held a separate ceremony for 22 students. Officials feared they were exposed to the swine flu during a school trip to Mexico.

In Mexico, all non-essential Government and private businesses remain closed. There are signs the shutdown is working as the spread of the disease seems to have slowed. On the street protective masks have become works of art, and there is a joke the country has become a world power. It goes when "Mexico sneezes, the world gets the flu."

Linsey Davis, ABC News.

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