Edison launches new Green Energy and Technology Academy

FRESNO, Calif. Edison high school students sit wide eyed as flames, and battery powered energy hold their attention.

These freshmen will soon become the first to enroll in Edison's new green energy and technology academy--many say they've always been interested in science.

"I build go-carts little things. Take things apart that put it back together," Edison Student Roje Stanfield Duncan said.

Science teacher Bruce Ratcliffe says that's the type of enthusiasm he's hoping to foster with the 70 students who will enter the program in the fall.

'I want kids to tinker, realize they can affect reality and make things do things they want them to do," Ratcliffe said.

"You usually sit in seats see everything happen. It helps people understand," Miguel Bibanco said.

In the academy, students will attend core classes like English, but all courses will focus on green energy and project-based learning.

That includes building things like electric cars.

"It was scary but it was fun," Shaneace Wilson said.

"We've partnered with PG&E we're getting kids to learn more about electricity," Edison Principal, Brian Wells said.

Which Wells says could translate to green energy jobs in the future. A report released in January by the non-profit research group, next 10, found green jobs in California increased by 36 percent from 1995 to 2008.

Michael Vaughn wants to create green technology when he's an adult.

"All the countries are trying to figure out better new energy to work with maybe I could become famous," Vaughn said.

He says it could be his opportunity to help change the world.

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