A new music venue for downtown Fresno

FRESNO, California

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Developer Reza Assemi keeps building on his successes. His latest project is the Broadway lofts, a 23-unit housing/retail development on the corner of Broadway and Calaveras, which should be ready for "move-in" in a month and half.

Tony Martin and his partners hope to revitalize this 60-year-old building on Fulton and Divisadero, that's sat vacant for the last 27 years. The 75-hundred square foot building is being transformed into a live music venue that Martin hopes will bring in top artists who often skip Fresno because there is no place of this type and size for them to play.

"We're excited about hiring people in Fresno and getting some people to work," said Martin. "But I also think we are going to offer a lot of value for the shows that we have. The caliber of artists that we are going to bring in, are going to have a lot of people excited"

Martin, a former concert promoter, says "Fulton 55" will offer a unique experience for Fresno music fans and will hopefully draw people to downtown that have normally stayed away. They've already struck up a deal with the African American Museum a block away to provide safe and secure parking.

"We're excited to present this opportunity for folks to come into to town and check out Fresno and check out downtown -- because it's pretty cool down here."

"Fulton 55" is scheduled to open sometime in December. That's pending a meeting with the city's planning commission scheduled for December 1st that will address any complaints by area businesses and neighbors regarding drinking and noise.

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