FUSD Supt. Michael Hanson accused of hitting kid with car

FRESNO, Calif.

Superintendent Michael Hanson racked up at least three tickets this year while his license was expired. And now -- we've uncovered details of an unreported collision with a five-year old child in 2008.

Hanson collided with a five-year-old boy riding a Big Wheel. The boy's father, Eddie Papulias, says it was "no harm, no foul," so nobody called the police. He says his son was crying, but didn't appear badly hurt, and he told Hanson "if there's a problem, I know who you are and I'll be in touch."

ABC30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi says drivers are required to report even such a minor collision if there might be injuries.

"Really, most people wouldn't report that, but when you're a public official like Mr. Hanson is, it would be wise to report something like this," Capozzi said.

The accident happened three years ago, but the details are coming out as Hanson is answering questions about his driving.

Action News discovered the superintendent was caught speeding at least three times this year -- all while his license was expired. It's now valid, but two school board members say they need to know if that's the full extent of the problem.

"Sometimes a lot of little things add up to one big thing, said trustee Larry Moore.

Moore and Michelle Asadoorian are asking for an independent investigation. Their fellow members didn't agree on Wednesday, but Moore and Asadoorian believe revelations about the earlier accident will change minds.

"We don't want a dark cloud hanging over the district," Asadoorian said. "We want to get the answers out. We want to clear the air and we want to move on."

The school board meets again on April 27.

Hanson was in Sacramento Thursday and didn't respond to our request for comment. He told Action News Wednesday he didn't want to give the accusations against him any credence.

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