Fresno entrepreneur heads to the White House

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Mike Pronovost*/ is among 100 young American entrepreneurs who are being honored at the White House.

Pronovost Technology Corporation and the CEO's office is based out of a small room in Mike Pronovost's parent's West Fresno home.

Pronovost took up an interest in computers before he even started school. In junior high he was taking them apart and building them. By the time he was a senior in his school, he had started his own company, Powerband. Now he's selling Powerband, his new company is called Pronovost Technologies, a software company.

"Most of it's online, and the best part about it is that we have virtual teams, it's the big thing now in technology. Basically everybody collaborates, there's people here the U.S. We all collaborate together, employees."

That's right, employees, 25 of them, all over the world.

Although he won't tell us how much the company makes. To make the list of entrepreneurs the company has to have more than $100 thousand in annual revenue.

Teachers and staff at his alma mater San Joaquin Memorial knew he was destined for greatness. His economics teacher, Kim Hodges calls Pronovost a visionary.

"No boasting, like I said, he never challenged me in that way," said Hodges. "But I'm sure he knew more intimate details of economics than I did."

When he's not taking classes, Pronovost works with San Jaoquin Memorial's internet department to improve computer access at his old school.

Henry Guitierrez with San Joaquin Memorial High School said, "He envisions how education should be in the eyes of himself. As a tech person he sees things that we can only think about. But he envisions them and how to utilize them for the kids."

Provonost has a few investors, but he prefers to keep things small.

"I don't want to bring investors in unless I see the company needing funding," said Pronovost. "And at this point I don't see us as needing funding."

Provonost is a business major at Fresno State. But much of what he's already learned about business happened at home.

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