The man behind Fresno's deadly workplace shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

On the day of the shooting at Valley Protein, Action News dug up some of Jones' writing to judges, like this one, but they all talked about his cases and made sense.

Police say the handwritten letters they found in his apartment included strange fantasies addressed to various women he didn't know.

Little about /*Lawrence Jones*/ and his violent outburst make sense, even to those who worked alongside him at Valley Protein.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "Jones was described as a loner at work, someone who did his job but was easily distracted."

Fresno police spent two weeks trying to understand what motivated Jones to shoot and kill /*Manuel Verdin*/ and /*Salvador Diaz*/, injure /*Fatima Lopez*/ and /*Arnulfo Conrriquez*/, and eventually commit suicide -- leaving his gun behind on the sidewalk about 100 yards from the bloody scene.

They know Jones had intermittent explosive disorder, based on this psychologist's report Action News uncovered. They also know Jones fantasized about being a rap star based on 23 handwritten letters they found at his apartment.

Chief Dyer explained, "The letters were addressed to women that he had never officially met, but had either seen on the street, riding their bicycle, walking, or TV personalities."

Jones apparently had a soft spot for Latina celebrities, writing them rambling tales about their work and his phony rap career. He signed the letters using the name of a former Nigerian president or an Oakland drug lord who was murdered in prison 25 years ago. But police say the letters gave no indication of the violence to come. And even after interviewing every witness and Jones' family, investigators say they may never have an answer to their number one question: why?

The last thing police need to do to wrap up their investigation is to interview Conrriquez. He's still in the hospital on pain medication and his mouth is wired shut so it could be a while -- but so far they have no indication how jones picked his victims.

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