Police: Merced man orders dog attack on woman, hits man with hammer

January 7, 2013 9:07:37 AM PST
A North Valley man is in jail after being accused of having his dogs attack a woman, and hitting her friend with a hammer.

The incident happened Sunday morning at an apartment complex on West 16th Street and I Street in Merced. Investigators say the suspect, John Kevin Whittington, invited two transients to stay with him on Saturday night. Police said Whittington knows the man and woman.

Police say the trouble started when the group woke up Sunday morning. The woman accused Whittington of stealing from her while she slept. Police say that's when Whittington told his three dogs to attack her..

While she was pulled to the ground, her friend stepped in...

"At which time the suspect, John Whittington, struck him in the head with the hammer and continued to hit him. They were eventually able to make an escape and contact the police department," said Sgt. Alan Ward, Merced Police Department.

Officers arrested the suspect. Police said injuries to the victims are severe, but not life-threatening.