CRMC Press Release regarding Neriza Fojas and Michelle Estrera

It is with great sadness that we learned two of our Community Regional family members have passed away in a tragic limousine fire late Saturday night in the San Francisco area. Both nurses worked on 2East/2Central trauma medical/surgical floor – one on the day shift and one on the night shift.

Neriza Fojas and Michelle Estrera were exemplary nurses who dedicated their lives to helping others. These two outstanding nurses were loved by their patients, colleagues and staff at our hospital. Both were good friends, stellar nurses and excellent mentors who served as preceptors to new nurses.

On behalf of everyone at Community Regional, we offer our condolences to their family and friends. We will dearly miss these two special people who have touched our lives during their time at Community Regional.

Community Regional will have a memorial service where employees may honor their two colleagues and several remembrance events will be held during the week so employees may participate.

This horrible accident was a tragic event for so many people and our thoughts and prayers go out to all the nurses involved in the fire and their family and friends.

Jack Chubb, CEO
Community Regional Medical Center

Karen Buckley, CNO
Community Regional Medical Center

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