Tower District gathers to remember stabbing victim

FRESNO, Calif.

A large crowd gathered directly across the street from where Eric Catlapp died. His father, Mike, was among those seeking answers for the loss of his son.

The crowd came to remember Eric Catlapp who was fatally wounded across the street from the gathering two days earlier.

A musician friend played a somber tune, while his friends and family members lit candles. Eric's father, Michael addressed the crowd.

"He was my son and what I want you to do just for a small amount of time I want you to think he was your son. The love that I have for Eric is so great."

He told them of his sons deep religious faith, and of his love for Fresno. He'd been working on films about the city and its people at the offices known as Hashtag -- an office space for video artists to come together and work.

"Don't look at how Eric lost his life, look at how he lived his life," His father asked.

Nobody is sure what happened to Eric. He stepped out of the office early Friday morning to get something from his car, parked just outside. he stumbled back in minutes later, and asked his friends to call an ambulance, then collapsed.

Hashtag owner, Irma Olguin said his death should be a rallying point for action in this part of the city. "We're here because we are not okay with what's happening in the Tower District. We're not okay with what happened to Eric."

Michael Catlapp said he hoped his son's death would bring the neighborhood together. "Don't lose your community. It's yours to have and to walk around with your children."

Fresno Police have canvassed the neighborhood seeking witnesses and are reviewing surveillance videos from security cameras in the area.

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