New Jersey art teacher empowers students with Black art history

NEWARK, New Jersey -- Michelle Alexander, an art teacher in Newark, New Jersey, is empowering her students and exposing them to art history as well as Black artists and their work. Michelle is also known as The Pour Artist.

"As a Black woman, teaching and being a mother, I just want to expose people of all ages to the artwork that they've never seen or thought about," said Ms. Alexander.

Frustrated with the lack of diversity and representation for Black and brown children in coloring books, Alexander decided to create them herself.

"I needed to create something. My books connect with the children because every time they turn a page they see themselves reflected in the books," said Alexander.

Through her work and her coloring books, Alexander hopes to instill in children the love for art and reinforce the importance of respect for other races and cultures.

"It's not only doing the art, it's the process. It's learning, tolerating, everyone's artwork, culture, and everyone's opinion and perspective," said Alexander.


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