From drawing for fun as a kid to commission artist creating custom works

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021
From drawing for fun to commission artist creating custom works
Steven Duncan's career blossomed after he sold a few paintings at a friend's art show now he creates commissioned works featuring cartoon characters and pop-culture icons.

HOLLYWOOD -- When artist Steven Duncan was a kid, he would draw for fun. "I just painted for fun and drew for fun always as a kid," said Duncan. From Pokemon characters to Kobe Bryant and Anthony Bourdain, Duncan has perfected his craft in creating custom currency and paintings.

After successfully selling several paintings at an art show with a friend, Duncan continued to sell his artwork. "I just kept selling, and eventually people said, hey, can you paint this? Can you paint that? And I said, sure." Said Duncan.

As a commissioned artist, he is thankful to work from home. For one of Duncan's clients, he created a custom 24 by 36 currency piece of single dollar bills and painted iconic characters. "I like the whole aspect of taking people's ideas and turning it into something that they can hang up in their house and appreciate." Said Duncan.

With a painting of Muhammad Ali's iconic knockout pose over Sonny Liston and Batman on display, Duncan as an artist living in Los Angeles, is never short of inspiration to create. Using a surfboard as a canvas, each brushstroke of black paint fills the space with palm trees, recreating Southern California's beaches and sun-filled weather for Localish LA. "The ball just never stopped rolling." Said Duncan about his success as an artist.