Free multicultural summer courses offered for Fresno Unified students, thanks to Arte Américas

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Free multicultural summer courses offered for Fresno Unified students
Music, dance, and art classes fill the space at Arte Americas in downtown Fresno.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Music, dance, and art classes fill the space at Arte Americas in Downtown Fresno.

The summer courses are free to the 100 Fresno Unified students participating.

Multicultural courses, including painting and ceramics, are part of the districts' Summer Enrichment Camp.

For Fresno Unified fifth grader, Ezlyn, the ceramics course has opened the door to a world of creativity.

"This week has been like all my dreams had actually come true, finally. And that is to become an artist," says Ezlyn.

The non-profit also offers courses in Baile Folklórico and African Drumming.

Dante McDaniel leads the drumming course.

He describes students as engaged and focused while learning new techniques on the Djembe- an 800 year old West African drum.

"There is mindfulness. There's a rhythm to it. And there's something that kind of sits in like your, your heart and your soul when you're playing. And it's connecting with people," says Dante.

The free culturally diverse courses are open to 4th, 5th and 6th graders enrolled in Fresno Unified.

Arte Américas Program Manager, Saraí Ramos Gonzalez, believes this has allowed the next generation to expand their horizons.

"Kids keep being exposed to their own culture because I feel like once you fall in love with it you just wanna keep doing it, and we want to make sure that Arte Américas is here for a very long time." explains Saraí.

Selina Lopez, Arte Américas Admin Assistant, says "It is really important that the students feel connected to their own culture, they learn about the culture of their peers around them and here at the summer camp they have the opportunity to do so through the different art we are offering."

Arte Américas alongside Fresno Unified will offer courses through the month of July.

Fresno Unified has partnered with dozens of local vendors to offer multiple summer courses.

Spots are still available. If you are interested in Arte Americas courses you can reach them directly here. For details on other programs visit here.