Longer lasting avocados hitting store shelves

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Longer lasting avocados hitting store shelves
Holy guacamole! Special longer lasting avocados are about to hit grocery stores.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Kroger stores across the country will soon have longer lasting avocados. Kroger officials say they want to alleviate the food waste crisis by trying to prevent spoiled avocados from ending up in landfills.

The "Apeel" avocados are treated with a plant-based solution that makes them less reliant on refrigeration. According to the company, the coating is a colorless, odorless powder that's mixed with water and then sprayed onto the produce. It locks in moisture and blocks oxygen to make the avocados last twice as long as regular avocados.

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Kroger also plans to introduce "Apeel" asparagus and limes in Cincinnati this fall. Kroger says the treated fruit will sell for the same price as untreated types.

Kroger operates Foods Co, Ralphs, Harris Teeter and various other markets across the country.