This Store Aims to Amplify Your Happiness With Natural Products

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020
This store boasts natural products that will amplify your happiness
Natural skin and hair care products that amplify you.This store sells natural skin and hair products that will amplify your life!

"It's the only place in Inglewood where you can have a full natural experience," Joya Settle also known as Mama Sunshine said.

The passion for hair care and product manufacturing runs deep in Mama Sunshine. She is the grandniece of the late Spalding B. Settle Sr., one of the first black hair care manufacturers in the U.S.

Mama Sunshine's Treasures not only provides natural hair care products, but also other types of natural goods including crystals, organic soaps and incense, and all types of natural oils.

But Mama Sunshine has a particular dedication to natural hair care, which is why she developed 'Mama's Mud Whip,' an all-natural hair care product.

"If it's not made by me, it's 'Mama-approved,'" Settle said.

Heather Adams traveled all the way from Crescent, CA to receive Settle's hair care services.

"I think natural hair is important because it is a part of us," Adams said. "It is who we are as African American people."

"Taking care of your natural skin and hair and all of those things is very important," Settle said. "Because you only have one you, so take care of it."

Mama Sunshine specializes in all kinds of natural protective hairstyles like locs and two strand twists. She says being a part of the industry during the passing of the Crown Act, the legislation that prohibits hair discrimination by employers, was empowering.

"The Crown Act is step moving forward to say 'Hey, this is who I am. This is my natural beauty,'" Settle said. "It marked in history that 'my beauty is important."

"I believe it is a dynamic catapult forward for everyone to engage in who they really are," Ari Boler, the store manager said.

Mama Sunshine's Treasures has been located at 124 S. Market St, Inglewood, CA 90301 for nearly 11 years now. For more information visit their website.