Fresno mom makes leap into beauty business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno mother is turning her sights to the beauty industry and trying to create an empire with her uniquely created makeup organizers.

Hannah Serimian is passionate about her business Boxy Girl.

"Organizing it in a beautiful way and having it be very functional," she said. "But also set up beautiful so it's not messy in a drawer and there's something very empowering about doing that."

The mother of three spent years as a stay-at-home mom. And in 2015, she made the jump to entrepreneur.

"And I love being creative," Serimian said. "And I thought this is my time and this is something I want to do."

Serimian says she got the itch to create the product after seeing a similar organizer on a TV show.

So she started thinking out of the box to create a better quality product and boxy girl was born.

"I thought if women are wanting this, there's a demand," she said.

She quickly trademarked the name and spent years fine tuning the product.

These days, the four drawer stack retails for $199. She believes her customers make the investment because it organizes an essential part of their daily routine.

"Boxy Girl is 13 pounds of Lucite and its all solid," she said. "There are no glued parts on boxy girl. So you're not going to get the wear and tear. Its built to last."

Serimian works with a team to sell the product and market it, and she says social media has helped drive their business.

"It doesn't matter where you're at with the internet," she explained. "You can purchase you can buy you can view you can participate you can engage with the consumer no matter where you're at."

The product is sold online and in three locations in Fresno.

Boxy Girl will soon be sold at high-end boutiques and salons across California.

Their next venture is to launch more products and sell them globally.
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