Legal medical marijuana stores could start opening up in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If city Leaders have their way, Fresno would become the latest California city allow the legal sale of medical marijuana.

It will still take voter approval, but Fresno is inching closer to making this a reality and start collecting on a cannabis tax.

Legal medical marijuana stores could soon start popping up in Fresno.

A council subcommittee outlined rules for commercial cannabis businesses Tuesday that would make way for medicinal storefronts and other pot-related businesses within city limits.

"Fresno is the last of the major cities in California to move forward on this issue," said Fresno Councilmember Clint Olivier.

Councilman Clint Olivier has long been in favor of allowing cannabis storefronts to operate in Fresno

"What we're suggesting is seven medical cannabis dispensaries the first year with seven the second year, one per council district and if the city manager believes the first rollout is successful then there could be seven more," said Olivier.

The plan would not allow retail stores to sell pot for recreational use.

But it would provide businesses the opportunity for adult use cannabis production.

All while the city takes its cut

"The City of Fresno can also make money from taxing the other uses, the adult use cultivation, manufacturing, distributing and testing of cannabis," said Olivier.

Exactly how much money the city stands to make from taxing commercial cannabis businesses is still up in the air.

But voters will get their chance to approve the measure come November.

"Cities around the state of California are able to harness that tax revenue and put it into their general fund. Some cities are more successful than others and that's why we're taking our time because we want to get this right," said Olivier.
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