Project-based learning puts students on track at Cambridge High School

A local high school is helping students to get back on track. At Cambridge Continuation High School students are doing more than catching up on credits.

"The traditional curriculum hasn't worked for our students that's the reason why they're here," said Social Science teacher Xiong Vang.

Thanks to "project-based learning" students are applying lessons from the classroom to real life.

"They are more engaged, they are more inspired so they tend to the work," added Vang. "Whereas if I teach a regular curriculum they may or may not want to do the work."

Instead of handing an assignment into the teacher for a grade, students are required to create a project and then make it public.

"They can write a letter to the editor, they can write letters or presentations to our lawmakers or which is what Cambridge does, we invite the public into our classroom," said Vang.

"I like how we do the project-based learning because it's fun and it gets you more focused on wanting to learn more," said Senior Marima Osuna Macias.

Students can make up their credits round the clock, thanks to the school's new night and Saturday classes and an online program.

So far first quarter students have earned close to 6,000 credits and staff says it's just the start.

"It's great to see our students who've never had this type of success all of sudden start believing in themselves and then there's no stopping them," said Principal Pete Pulas.

They'll present their next round of project-based learning assignments to the public in early December.
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