Fresno facility that helped treat people with addiction issues closing its doors

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was an unexpected moving day at the Comprehensive Addiction Programs Recovery Home.

Dozens of residents going through drug and alcohol withdrawal are now unsure of their next step. Many were being moved to a facility in Kern County.

Employees said the facility faced financial problems in the past and sometimes would reduce staff but the closure came as a sad surprise.

"We're not letting nobody go out to the streets. All the staff is here," said Dane Dowell. "We're not even getting paid. we're just here to make sure everybody gets transitioned smoothly."

Dowdell will stay until the last resident leaves. Dane says CAP saved his life 12 years ago so he stayed to work and help others.

"I can honestly say without this place I'd probably either be dead or doing life in prison and that's the real truth right there," he said.

In a statement, Fresno County told Action News, "We are working closely with CAP to refer clients to alternative providers and ensure that all impacted individuals continue to receive any services they need."

"I'm absolutely devastated. The decision to close the doors, I mean, I come from a mindset of any means necessary to keep it open," said former executive director Jo Hebert.

Hebert was fired by the board two weeks ago for what it called a lack of confidence. But Hebert claims Fresno County was constantly late in funding the facility, which receives a million dollars a year from the county's Behavioral Health Department.

"What I noticed was payments were coming later and later," he said. The whole 18 months I was there was a struggle getting our payments."

Hebert says he just hired a development director to secure new funding sources so the 107-bed facility wouldn't have to rely so much on county funding.

The county says CAP is re-evaluating all modalities of treatment.

Hebert says once CAP had its detox license terminated, the area lost its only detox facility within a 100-mile radius.
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