Need cash now but you don't get paid until Friday?

Pearl Campos works hard as a supervisor at a fruit company. But the time between paychecks can be anything but fruitful.

"I have bills to pay, things to buy for my kids at home, and not having enough money to accomplish what I need to do is very stressful," said PayActive User Pearl Campos.

When she needs money, she's able to tap into a service offered by her employer. It allows Pearl to access a portion of the money she's already earned before payday!

"It's actually my money that I worked for," said Campos.

Her company uses "PayActiv".

The software is hooked to the employer's payroll and is designed for hourly workers.

An employee can request up to 50 percent of what they have already earned, up to $500.

The man who designed the program says the need is great.

More than three-quarters of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and he says a lack of cash flow can lead to late bills and more.

"They'll end up paying overdraft fees to banks. They'll end up taking late fees," said CEO PayActive Safwan Shah.

PayActiv is just one of several services that provide pre-paycheck access to cash.

Some employers also offer short-term loans through third-party services.

"True Connect" says its mission is to provide funds to people who could not get a loan any other way.

"Even employees who have no credit score, have terrible, damaged credit through some problem or issue in their past can still qualify for these loans," said VP of Partners TrueConnect Doug Farry.

Up to $3,000, depending on income.

TrueConnect does not use credit scores to access its loans because, it says, millions of Americans have no credit score.

However, some financial experts cite interest rates that can run 20 percent or higher.

Vice President Doug Farry says terms are transparent. Loans are always repaid within one year, deducted directly from a worker's paycheck and are a far cry from PayDay Loans.

"We've always seen the TrueConnect loan as really a life vest for a drowning employee," said Farry.

And a way to build a positive credit history as an employee works to get on financial dry land.

Pearl says she's able to keep her head above water these days with early access to her money.

"I can say, like, it's taken a lot of stress off my, my mind," said Campos.
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