Clovis Community College food pantry helping students with food insecurities

Saturday, October 6, 2018
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Clovis Community College food pantry helping students with food insecurities

Clovis, CA - The food pantry at Clovis Community College is a no judgment zone. Students come in, get what they need and leave with one less worry.

"The food pantry is available to them, there is no limit, they can come in as many times as they want," said Stephanie Babb Clovis Community College Director of Communications.

In the Pantry everything is free. Students can even drop by in between classes.

"If you have even just ten minutes in between class and you are here and you are able to get a quick bite to eat all you have to do is just come over here and pick out whatever food you want," said Damon Rapada, Associated Student Government President.

Food insecurity is widespread in the Central Valley and Babb said Clovis is not immune.

12,000 students attend their campus and over half of them receive financial aid.

"If somebody is hungry and not feeling well they are not going to be successful in school," she said.

The college has two food pantries stocked by the Community Food Bank. The larger one is located at their Herndon Campus. It also provides toiletries and even baby food for parents.

"with the rising prices of gas, tuition and books with all of that included sometimes getting food for yourself or your child or even for your family is the hardest thing to do," said Rapada.

They're not stopping at free food. This year they also have free transportation.

"the city of Fresno gave us a free shuttle, a van that goes back and forth between the main campus every half hour," said Babb.

All of which is helping students reach academic success.